About Me

Force129 art & design studio dedicated to recovering what we believe to the essence of art: a traditional approach mixed with past & present knowledge of art & design.


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Fernando "FORCE129" Amaro Jr born & raised in San Jose, California

Currently working full time as a Artist & Designer and a stay at home dad.

Working in mixed media allows me to work on a variety of projects

and styles at any given time. Spray can Art is my first love but I also can work some magic on the computer utilizing Adobe Photoshop

to take my art and your projects to the next level. 

If you are interested in collaborating or networking or having me bring your project to life let's connect send me a detailed message and we can go from there looking forward to hearing from you.

Peace / Thanks for your interest in my Art & Design work. 

Owner and Artist & Designer

Founder Fernando, is here to help inspire both you and your audience. Since my styles are diverse, I encourage you to 

challenge me for a project.

Here’s a Bit More About Me